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How to Cancel

You can cancel your account at any time by clicking on your name from the dashboard’s top menu, move down and click “My Subscription Plan” and click the cancel button: Direct link is:

You’ve got the questions,
let’s see if we can provide some answers!

Do I own the content / data / subscribers?

Absolutely! Not only that, you own any content belonging to your affiliates and clients too. At no time will Credit Letters Generator have permission to use your own content or even contact affiliates/clients. We don’t have a need to use any of this, we simply want to be the best tool possible for your business.

What are the startup fees?

The startup fees are non-existent. The reason our prices are so affordable is because we want you to stay with us for as long as possible. We provide everything you need for a successful business; when you succeed, we do too.

Can I host software alone?

We’re actually a hosted SaaS (software as a service) platform which means that you can’t host software yourself. The reason we take this route is to ensure that you always have the new features and most recent updates. This way, your business remains stable at all times. If you ever decide to cancel, just export all affiliates and clients and you’ll be ready to go it alone.

Do I get access to all software during the trial?

We know how frustrating it is when tools like ours block off certain features during a trial…how are you supposed to know whether you want the full membership or not? We understand this but we do have restriction because no other software has the letters we do. We believe that our trial is excellent for you to see what we offer and sice you investment is as $29.95 per month for a subscription; there is really no risk.

How do I cancel Credit Letters Generator?

Easy – just login to your account and click the menu button and My Subscript Plan and ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. There’s no awkward phone call, no begging you to stay, and no long-winded process.

How does the trial work?

It’s simple, you get 15 days to check out our package. If you decide it isn’t for you and you don’t have to do anything but move on and not signup. There are no charges.

What if you fail or close business?

This is a great question, but not something that should consume your worries. We are a technology company with many services and have extensive experience. We have dealt fortune 500 companies and have endless numbers of customers. We generate good revenue each and every year. We can survive difficult times and will always come out the other side.

How secure is Credit Letters Generator?

Safer than most, and we know this because we built it all up from scratch. With security in mind at every step of the way, we adhere to Client Data Protection regulations and also follow the lead of banks with 256-bit security encryption. All encrypted data remain in an SSAE-16 compliant US data center; these facilities actually have armed guards and daily backups.

Will I experience hidden discounts, prices, or fees?

Nope, we always aim to offer the best price. We publish prices for all to see and they remain the same regardless of who you may be.

I have a CRM and email marketing system; can I integrate them into Credit Letters Generator?

For sure, and we actively encourage it. Perhaps you have a favorite marketing automation tool? There’s no reason why you should stop using it.

Are there charges for updates?

All software updates are free, and this also includes new templates which are added periodically. We’re a cloud-based solution (hence the name!), and this means that all updates occur automatically. Whenever there’s a new feature, it will be there whenever you next login.

Who do I contact with a question?

We aim to provide the best customer support possible and our brilliant team are available every day of the week. Whenever you have a question, you’ll see all your options on the ‘Live Chat’ link at the bottom of our website.


Can I make money? How much?

Of course, it’s possible, and repeat business is the best way to get started. Once the first client is in your door, with our price you will earn profits others increase those profits. You can start growing.

How long do contracts last?

We don’t believe in tying people down to long contracts. Instead, your membership will renew on a month-to-month basis. If you don’t need it any longer (although we hope this isn’t the case), just cancel and the ‘contract’ is over.

Do I lose all data after cancelling my Credit Letters Account?

Since we’re a software-as-a-service platform, all data is inaccessible once your membership is cancelled. However, all users have a chance to download affiliate and client csv files. If you want to come back later, you can.

Are any installations required?

We decided against this route because we didn’t want you needing a college degree or an IT department just to get started. After logging in, follow the instructions and start importing reports, adding clients, running credit audits, and hopefully enjoying some success.

Will you always have the capabilities to handle demand?

Yes, our service is hosted on a public cloud cluster powered by Liquid Web. A major world-class data center that is second to none. As one of the largest data center in the world, scaling is never going to be a problem. You can grow with us, and we can both grow together.