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All The Tools You Need To  Manage & Automate Your Credit Repair Business!

Powerful, easy-to-use Professional Credit Repair Software for results seeking credit consultants. Create better dispute letters while paying less.
Get Credit Repair Automation at its best, For Less!

Become a “Credit Score Champ”™ and Earn Six Figures Using Credit Letters Software. 

Are you looking to leave your boring 9-5 role and take the first step into your own business?

If so, we can help. We’ve assisted many inexperienced credit repair entrepreneurs who have the same questions you do right now.

Do you want to boost your income from existing clients?

You can add credit repair as an additional service.

Want to help all clients increase their credit score for auto, home, and other loans?

We have the tools to fix all reports.

Looking to make the jump with your credit repair business?

You can enjoy the same tools as those who earn millions each year.

In case you are Worried, Here’s why you should chose Credit Letters Software.

No hidden fees and over three (3) times less than competitors with fewer features

You have the ability to create BETTER complex dispute letters, with a built-in auto text rewrite module to prevent canned letters as you see in other software

Brilliant and simple dashboard. Too many features to list

One-click credit audits and credit report importing

Error detection module pointing out inconsistencies.

Credit Letters Software

The All-In-One Solution to go from a Startup to a Successful and Profitable Credit Repair Business!

Step One


Stop the researching and note-taking, it’s time to get started with a credit repair business! But you need training and certification. This is important to have credibility in the industry. We are a software company but recommend that you Become Board Certified  with  The Credit Consultants Association. They are a reputable trade association for the industry and take complaints from the public just like the Better Business Bureau. They also police the industry and go after bad actors. We recommend them highly and work closely with their organization. You can get your training and certification there.

Step Two


      • Ready-Made Business – With our fantastic CRM, everything is handled on your behalf. As long as you get one client on board, the system is already covering itself and because we are 3 times less than other software, you will also make a profit on your first client!


      • Professional Website – What’s a business without a professional website? All Credit Letters Software members can get a website with professional content and web hosting for $199 down and $14.95 per month. Our sister company for this website is Credit Repair Templates to select your template. Then Click Here for your discount.


    • Training and Support – We pride ourselves on support, and there are mentors to help you get going. You can also schedule a one-on-one phone call for software training. Why the fee and others are free? They charge $179 – $299 per month and we are under $99 per month for our flagship plan. We have video training, free live chat, and email support available too.

Step Three


Run the business with ease!

  • Automated Recurring Billing – Designed specifically for this very niche, charging clients doesn’t need to lead to headaches. Simply take advantage and others payment integration and set up automated recurring payments. 
  • Generate Dispute Letters and Import Credit Reports – Why type for hours when you can import credit reports instantly? After import, the system will list any negative items in a list per credit bureau providing you the ability to generate an awesome dispute letter fast.
  • All the Required Tools – Help all clients handle their debt with our built-in debt settlement tool; the ability to create pro-rated payment plan letters. It will handle all of the calculations in the letter. As you go the extra mile, clients will appreciate your service and tell everybody they know about you.
  • Manage Your Brand – The client isn’t alone; they can receive automated status updates and login 24/7. Suddenly, you aren’t dealing with phone calls chasing you up. There’s transparency and everybody stays happy (again, this should lead to referrals!).

Step Four

Scale and Grow

With the foundation built, it’s time to grow!

  • Manage the Team – Remove all team inefficiencies using the dashboard monitoring and scale with superb real-time insights.
  • Capture and Close – Get new leads before the competition from websites and blogs; also, follow up with leads and transform them from strangers into clients. Know where each prospective client is in the funnel and stay organized as more and more people enter.
  • Boost Leads and Conversions – Work with affiliates and take advantage of the tools and dashboard; watch sales growth carefully and manage absolutely everything on one platform.
  • Keep Growing – Using our cloud-based tools, you’ll have everything from signature capture to an affiliate dashboard, payment integration to follow-up reminders and meeting scheduling. There’s no excuse for failure.


Send personalized text messages to clients with one click. Also, send an automatic voice message to clients. We have Both SMS and Voicemail credits packages available..


Easily communicate with your clients from within their portal using our integrated messaging system.


Print and email Credit Audits for your clients with one click.


Automatically signup clients in one sitting signing documents and making payments.


Quickly import information from a credit report with one click. Credit reports from the following providers import with just one click: Identity IQ, SmartCredit, Privacy Guard. Do re-imports with credit report comparison with one click as well.


Set up automated email nurturing campaigns within minutes keeping your clients informed or educated regarding progress or for marketing purposes.


Send secure and professional invoices to your clients.


Inform your clients with their very own secure portal without showing any sensitive data for peace of mind.


Easily accept payments in various ways, and many more. 


Generate complexed custom letters including Metro 2.


Mail Certified or First-Class letters directly from your dashboard. 


Automate your Pay-Per-Delete business model. Prepare good-faith cost estimation reports for clients.. 


Schedule all your tasks for clients and noted. 


Schedule all your tasks for clients and noted. 
You’ve got the questions, let’s see if we can provide some answers!

Do I own the content / data / subscribers?

Absolutely! Not only that, you own any content belonging to your affiliates and clients too. At no time will Credit Letters Software have permission to use your own content or even contact affiliates/clients. We don’t have a need to use any of this, we simply want to be the best tool possible for your business.

What are the startup fees?

The startup fees are non-existent. The reason our prices are so affordable is because we want you to stay with us for as long as possible. We provide everything you need for a successful business; when you succeed, we do too.

Can I host software alone?

We’re actually a hosted SaaS (software as a service) platform which means that you can’t host software yourself. The reason we take this route is to ensure that you always have the new features and most recent updates. This way, your business remains stable at all times. If you ever decide to cancel, just export all affiliates and clients and you’ll be ready to go it alone.

Do I get access to all software during the trial?

We know how frustrating it is when tools like ours block off certain features during a trial…how are you supposed to know whether you want the full membership or not? We understand this but we do have restriction because no other software has the letters we do. We believe that our trial is excellent for you to see what we offer and sice you investment is as $29.95 per month for a subscription; there is really no risk.

How do I cancel Credit Letters?

Easy – just login to your account and click the menu button and My Subscript Plan and ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. There’s no awkward phone call, no begging you to stay, and no long-winded process.

How does the trial work?

It’s simple, you get 15 days to check out our package. If you decide it isn’t for you and you don’t have to do anything but move on and not signup. There are no charges.

What if you fail or close business?

This is a great question, but not something that should consume your worries. We are a technology company with many services and have extensive experience. We have dealt fortune 500 companies and have endless numbers of customers. We generate good revenue each and every year. We can survive difficult times and will always come out the other side.

How secure is Credit Letters?

Safer than most, and we know this because we built it all up from scratch. With security in mind at every step of the way, we adhere to Client Data Protection regulations and also follow the lead of banks with 256-bit security encryption. All encrypted data remain in an SSAE-16 compliant US data center; these facilities actually have armed guards and daily backups.

Will I experience hidden discounts, prices, or fees?

Nope, we always aim to offer the best price. We publish prices for all to see and they remain the same regardless of who you may be.

I have a CRM and email marketing system; can I integrate them into Credit Letters Software?

For sure, and we actively encourage it. Perhaps you have a favorite marketing automation tool? There’s no reason why you should stop using it.

Are there charges for updates?

All software updates are free, and this also includes new templates which are added periodically. We’re a cloud-based solution (hence the name!), and this means that all updates occur automatically. Whenever there’s a new feature, it will be there whenever you next login.

Who do I contact with a question?

We aim to provide the best customer support possible and our brilliant team are available every day of the week. Whenever you have a question, you’ll see all your options on the ‘Live Chat’ link at the bottom of our website.


Can I make money? How much?

Of course, it’s possible, and repeat business is the best way to get started. Once the first client is in your door, with our price you will earn profits others increase those profits. You can start growing.

How long do contracts last?

We don’t believe in tying people down to long contracts. Instead, your membership will renew on a month-to-month basis. If you don’t need it any longer (although we hope this isn’t the case), just cancel and the ‘contract’ is over.

Do I lose all data after cancelling my Credit Letters Account?

Since we’re a software-as-a-service platform, all data is inaccessible once your membership is cancelled. However, all users have a chance to download affiliate and client csv files. If you want to come back later, you can.

Are any installations required?

We decided against this route because we didn’t want you needing a college degree or an IT department just to get started. After logging in, follow the instructions and start importing reports, adding clients, running credit audits, and hopefully enjoying some success.

Will you always have the capabilities to handle demand?

Yes, our service is hosted on a public cloud cluster powered by Liquid Web. A major world-class data center that is second to none. As one of the largest data center in the world, scaling is never going to be a problem. You can grow with us, and we can both grow together.

Does Credit Letters Automatically Create Dispute Letters?

NO! The reason has to do with mediocre results. Credit repair is a personal service and requires knowledge and skills. “Creating Automatic Dispute Letters” is a technology of the past” and does NOT produce the same results as the skilled credit consultants. Which type would you want working on YOUR personal credit?  Someone that creates strategies to increase scores and send letters accordingly or one that purchased a software that automatically creates dispute letters for them requiring limited knowledge? That strategy is ONLY  advantageous to the consultant, NOT the client. Anyone can purchase software and kick out letters; However,  you would want a skilled consultant working on your personal credit. Credit Letters Software users must select the proper letter for each client requiring knowledge. We provide automation tools to help them speed up the process to serve more clients. 

Why Is Credit Letters Cheaper?

We have created websites and custom applications for hundreds of industries including credit repair since 2000. We noticed that some of the credit repair websites we’ve created CRMs were suspended frequently for non-payment. After research, we discovered that 90% of the credit consultants we worked with were part-time and only had 5 to 50 active paying clients each month. Those earning six-figures or more we worked with had 100 plus active paying customers. Based on years of experience, it is our opinion that credit repair software CRMs were over-priced for startups and the part-time consultants which are 90% of the credit repair industry. Our approach is different; to keep the price affordable for 90% of the users and offer custom solutions for those requiring more.  A credit repair startup, should NOT require up to 3 clients to cover their software cost before they see a profit, making money on ONE client is a winning approach. We save money by offering creative support, video training, live chat, email support, a $50 one-time one-on-one training sessions as well as developing a  phone support plan. Even with the phone support plan, we are still under $100 per month. But we have features that the higher priced solutions do NOT have built right into our solution. We are priced where startups or part-time credit consultants can compete and grow.

Why Choose Credit Letters Software?

Integrated Letters mailing system, never go to the post office again

No risk with easy cancellation and a free trial

Simple dashboard for advanced organization

Dispute letter generation within seconds

Generate credit audits and import credit reports with just one click

Provide your clients a FREE mobile app to access their online portal