LetterStream Agreement

LetterStream Process And Agreement

To obtain your LetterStream API keys to connect to our software, please note the following instructions and sign below acknowledging that you understand and agree to our terms and process.

  1. Once you click the link to obtain your LetterStream API Keys, you will enter them into our software once received. To enter the Key, you will proceed to step 2.

  2. From the client Portal, you will click Settings and Manage LetterStream.


  1. Click Manage LetterStream


Once you receive your Keys, you will enter your API ID key in the ENTER API ID box. You will enter your API Key in the ENTER API KEY box.

  1. You will click Submit, and this will store your key in our software.
  2. IMPORTANT: You must agree ONLY to USE YOUR OWN Credit card and NOT your customer to mail letters. Using any other card other than your own is a VIOLATION of the LetterStream User Agreement.
  3. Please note: Letters will only maintain their actual letters in their system for 30 days. After that, the documents will be removed from their system, but the job metadata (date, job name, mail date, tracking info, etc.) will be maintained indefinitely.
  4. When generating a letter for your clients make sure you use a consistent naming process for all letters, For example, use the client’s last name and the bureau such as Jones_EX, Jones_TU, Jones_EQ, or something to identify the client.
  5. All letters you generate must have a valid, complete return address
  6. Our software will store all generated letters in our system.
  7. Please get in touch with our office when addressing any issues between our software and LetterStream and the activation process.

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